The Ocean’s Glitz

As I sat at the water’s edge and watched the light shimmer and shine off the waves, I marveled (not for the first time) at the rythym of my life. Are we all just tiny shells buffering the ebb and flow of life going where the tide takes us?  The ocean is a magnificent, awe-inspiring power and it’s impossible to not be lulled by its tranquility. 

The weather man threatened rain but it turned into a beautiful day.  The dolphins were in overdrive and chased bait fish all around us. Lots of splashing going on. 

A new ship came in today. Upon some research, I discovered that it’s a shipping line carries 2.45 million cars per year. Interesting. Wonder how many cars are on that one ship?

And then the storm clouds rolled in and the wind picked up. It was truly electric. I have got to learn to get pictures of lightening. And the moon!  Both very hard to do. 

Politics at the pool!

I’m always amazed at how seemingly-sane adults can get so irate over certain things. At the pool today, 3 young women were in a very heated “discussion” about politics and gay rights. I’m all for having your own opinion and being fervent about that opinion…HOWEVER, once you subject the rest of us to your tantrum, you’ve crossed the line. 

She lost her credibility with me once she quoted the Bible in the same sentence with the f-word…around a pool full of children. I like to think I’m no prude but seriously!?!

It was rainy on and off today. The shrimp boat came in early which should have been my clue. 

Some shell hunting on the beach. I always wonder why specific shells are prevalent on certain days?  And some of the shells are so tiny, it amazes me that anything could’ve lived in there and moved out. Lol

Bingo tonight. Of course, I met another teacher. She teaches on the next island over. I’m always very thankful for my own school and administration when I talk to other teachers. Not sure I could ever teach anywhere else. Again…truly blessed. 

During bingo, the big thunder boomers rolled in and I got soaked going to the car. At this point, I’ve become so accustomed to not worrying with my hair and makeup, that it was actually normal to be wet. As I settle in tonight, the thunder and lightening continues. I love a good thunderstorm. 

The Dream: Day 6

Rewind and repeat. Another beautiful day here on Tybee Island. Finally settled in enough to sleep in a bit today. Still trying not to get too much sun. Using lots of sunscreen. It was actually one of my substantial research projects over the last few months. After speaking with a friend that also tans well and spends lots of time in the sun (shoutout Rebecca), I settled on Sun Bum spf 50 and 70. So far, so good. 

Ran across this little worker as I was shell hunting. 

Very warm day but the humidity still isn’t of the intensity that Georgia is famous for and that I hate.

I’ll need this picture in a couple of months when I head back to the classroom and crawl home each evening from exhaustion. 

And then of course, another beautiful sunset clicks off another day of my summer dream. It really is so spectacular that words and pictures can’t do it justice. 

Last night everyone gathered on the north shore for the Strawberry Moon. As the moon broke the horizon, it was a magnificent shade of pink. Which led me to wonder (for several times this week) why pictures of the moon don’t appear in pics as they do in person?  I guess I can’t have the sun AND the moon…not yet anyway. I’ll work on that!  Night all from paradise. 

The Dream: Day 5

Another day in paradise. The weekend has arrived and so have the people. Considerably more crowded today. I find it interesting that there are clearly two different Tybees. The south beach…really crowded, bars, shopping, the pier. And north beach…residential, quiet, and the most amazing sunsets. 

A great morning for shells. 

These were all empty. If you find one with a critter, throw him back…his critter family is waiting on him to come home from work!
Found this little “critter” and still don’t know what it is. 
And the most amazing shells still hinged together. They look like angel wings and I swear there’s a picture of the ocean and horizon in there. 
I wonder why people feel the need to bring a radio to the beach?  I mean, seriously, short of the sound of your new born baby’s first cry, the waves crashing to the shore is the ultimate music. 
And a beautiful sunset caps off another perfect day. 

When one of my people wins the lottery, remember I need a condo here!