The Dream: Day 9

Things seem to be moving forward today. 

  • My house sold!  Pending any problems of course. 
  • Comcast is coming Thursday to fix the cable. 
  • My son and his family are on their way to visit for a few days. 
  • It was a low-humidity day. 

Beach strolling yielded a few interesting finds. 

Look at the beautiful colors on this blue crab. 
Spectacular blue color on this shell. 
I finally walked far enough to get a peak of the lighthouse from the beach. 
And then, of course, another nauseating sunset. They just keep coming. God is good with a paintbrush, don’t you think?

The Dream: Day 8

Ok…in an effort to keep it real, I’m gonna admit that I’m bored. I know! Sad, but true. But in defense of Tybee, I’d be bored anywhere after too much down time. Today was gloomy…in weather and in mood. 

For those that have known me forever, you know how I am. And for those of you who don’t, it’s the teacher conundrum for me. I came to teaching late and am unsure how to handle down time. So, several things happened today…

  • I visited a local high school to see if I “felt it” there…I didn’t…they had metal detectors at the entrance.
  • I called about a local rental…very rare on the island…no one stays for long term evidently. It was already rented. 
  • Which turned out to be a good thing because a place I’ve wanted to live in Dalton…old factory made into lofts..and next to impossible to get into…approved my app and called me for a place in August. 
  • It’s a townhome, which I didn’t think I’d want, until having marathon-training kids in the condo above me for a few days. Again, no one stays long, so it’s temporary. 
  • Now if my house would sell while I’m away, I’ll consider it a sign that I’m moving in the right direction. I’m ready to get out of the commitment of home ownership. No lawn maintenance. More travel.
  • I don’t think I’m built for downtime. The thought of one day retiring stresses me out a little. I’m envious of those people that have true hobbies to consume them. 

As I walked the beach tonight, the funk lifted with the sunset. 

And tomorrow my son and family come to visit for a few days. That will make me less bored I’m sure. 

And even though it was gloomy all day today, I came “home” to a beautiful sunset on my wall. Beautiful colors. 

The Dream: Day 7

A whole week. Already!  Today is my  youngest son’s birthday. 19 years. Time sure does fly. This next week my oldest son and his family will join me here on Tybee for a little family time. My youngest grandson calls Tybee Island “Mimi’s Beach” which I think is very fitting. I’m calling for an official name change. 

Today was cloudy which was good because I’ve had plenty of sun for a few days. I tried out the new North Beach Grill. Very good. Entertaining. Sitting outside at the bar on the ocean is a cool experience. 

Fish tacos and sweet potato fries drizzled in balsamic vinaigrette. Very tasty. 

A little beach walking. Not as far as I’d have liked but it was typical Georgia humid today. Got some reading done. 

I thought it very fitting that I finished off the night with Lighthouse Pizza. Back when my teen was not too cool to be seen with me, we would come to Tybee and do late night runs to that pizza place. They’ve opened a newer one closer to my condo but the old one seemed nostalgic today especially since it’s his birthday today. 

And then home to a sunset that I wasn’t expecting since we didn’t really have much sun today. 

The Dream: Day 6

Rewind and repeat. Another beautiful day here on Tybee Island. Finally settled in enough to sleep in a bit today. Still trying not to get too much sun. Using lots of sunscreen. It was actually one of my substantial research projects over the last few months. After speaking with a friend that also tans well and spends lots of time in the sun (shoutout Rebecca), I settled on Sun Bum spf 50 and 70. So far, so good. 

Ran across this little worker as I was shell hunting. 

Very warm day but the humidity still isn’t of the intensity that Georgia is famous for and that I hate.

I’ll need this picture in a couple of months when I head back to the classroom and crawl home each evening from exhaustion. 

And then of course, another beautiful sunset clicks off another day of my summer dream. It really is so spectacular that words and pictures can’t do it justice. 

Last night everyone gathered on the north shore for the Strawberry Moon. As the moon broke the horizon, it was a magnificent shade of pink. Which led me to wonder (for several times this week) why pictures of the moon don’t appear in pics as they do in person?  I guess I can’t have the sun AND the moon…not yet anyway. I’ll work on that!  Night all from paradise. 

The Dream: Day 5

Another day in paradise. The weekend has arrived and so have the people. Considerably more crowded today. I find it interesting that there are clearly two different Tybees. The south beach…really crowded, bars, shopping, the pier. And north beach…residential, quiet, and the most amazing sunsets. 

A great morning for shells. 

These were all empty. If you find one with a critter, throw him back…his critter family is waiting on him to come home from work!
Found this little “critter” and still don’t know what it is. 
And the most amazing shells still hinged together. They look like angel wings and I swear there’s a picture of the ocean and horizon in there. 
I wonder why people feel the need to bring a radio to the beach?  I mean, seriously, short of the sound of your new born baby’s first cry, the waves crashing to the shore is the ultimate music. 
And a beautiful sunset caps off another perfect day. 

When one of my people wins the lottery, remember I need a condo here!

The Dream: Day 4

And this is why I choose Tybee….

In a beautiful twist, I took some fabulous sunset shots and went off to the ONLY grocery store and returned in time for the spectacular sky above. 

What started as a really cool and rainy day turned into an absolute stunner. Low humidity, low wind, beautiful sun and enough warmth to make you strip down and head for the pool…and then the ocean…and then back again. Decisions are so hard!  

However my body said, “you know all that walking you’ve taken to…you’re knees are not as fond, so tone it down.”  When my feet hit the floor this morning I knew something  was wrong because my right knee was hurting terribly. Felt like it needed to pop. I iced and stretched. Wobbled down to the beach and walked anyway. Defiance has always been my thing. But ocean therapy always makes it better. Still sore but less hobbling. 

Decided to try out Paula Deen’s new restaurant one island over – Creekside. I went about 1pm so not too busy. I ordered an app because full meals are always just too much food. It was very good. Service was good. They have some really good tartar sauce. Clearly freshly made. 

Found me a pedicure girl and went with island colors per her advice. So hot pink it is. But I did put on some makeup and kind of did my hair before my foray off the island. Can’t scare the mainlanders. 

We have a great full moon tonight. Which begs the next question…why is it hard to take good moon shots?

So this interested me this morning while hobbling down the beach. The suds were rainbow colored. The lore is that suds mean Poseidon is doing laundry…so does this mean he used the wrong bleach on colored clothes?  Seriously though, what would cause colored suds?

The Dream: Day 3

Cloudy, windy, and rainy make for an alternate day plan. I’m determined to experience one new thing per day while on Tybee.  Still don’t have my TV working in my condo (Comcast is REALLY slow) so off exploring I go…in the rain. Oh well, as my daddy used to say, “you ain’t sugar, you won’t melt!”  

One of the must-do eating destinations is The Breakfast Club. I banked on the rain holding off the long line outside. It worked. Locally caught fish and shrimp coupled with home fries the way momma made ‘me makes it a trip worth taking. And if you ever get a chance to sit at the counter, do so…lively show and often colorful bantering. 

Then back for a nice walk on the beach. Which reminds me…I’ve developed a no makeup and no fixing my hair policy while here. It’s amazing how much time that saves. Not sure how the people feel about my new policy but I don’t know them so I don’t care!

With continued rain, I decided to check out Tybee Post Theater. They cater to kids during the day and adults in the evening for entertainment generally. Today I watched Fantastic Beasts at the really old, cool theater. 

Nice day. A bit chilly with the rain but the ocean is beautiful all riled up. 

Here’s my question for my readers, could you (or do you) live without TV?  And, if so, how?  I’m quickly realizing it’s an addiction maybe I should overcome. Interesting concept. 

The Dream: Day 2

Little sun and a little rain. Very few people on the beach on this end of the island. I’ve decided to “force” myself to walk farther down the beach and back each day; therefore, I needed a good sport’s bra…it’s a workout…and the only one I’m likely to do. 

So off to Savannah and some shopping. I decided to eat at Mrs. Wilkes’ place. I have been there once a really long time ago. It was divine. It’s located right in the heart of Savannah and because it’s family dining (10 random people at a table), it’s a wait…always…which I think is a testament to the food. I met several great people (a teacher from California, a couple who have a house on Tybee, and a retired couple who live near Auburn University) and the food was delicious. 

And the most interesting part, the man from California couldn’t believe you had to take your dishes “to the sink” after you finished. I told him that we “train our men right in the South!”  Lol

Came “home” to a great walk on the beach…thank in no small part to a great sport’s bra…go Lane Bryant…I may wear this thing from now on!  Storm rolled in. Shrimp boat took shelter near our beach and the dolphins went wild.

I hope this is what heaven is like. Because it sure is peaceful and good for the soul. The beach is truly my place of zen. 

The Dream: Day 1

Ok, many of you know that I came to teaching later in life. Good decision by the way. So “the dream” was always to “summer at the beach” as part of that new endeavor. So, this year, the dream became a reality. I am spending 6 weeks in Tybee Island, a small barrier island off the coast of Georgia. Twenty minutes from Savannah and lots to do…or not do, which is more my plan. 

I find it interesting that many people find it “independent” of me to vacation solo. Seriously, if I waited on someone else, I’d never get to go. Yes, it’s a little more challenging but it truly is a mindset. I go with the attitude that I’m at the advantage because I can do what I want, when I want!  

So my future posts will be chronicling my “dream” and how to enjoy it with an open mind and heart. 

Day 1: 

Normal Georgia humidity kind of June day. My condo is on the residential North Beach area. Highly recommend for your needs. Very helpful and accommodating. 

My view from my balcony:

Tybee Island has beautiful sand dunes to protect the island. The walkways over them to the beach off a nice view of some of the wildlife. 

The area of the North Beach is located where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Savannah River. The dolphins swim out in the morning and return in the evening. A beautiful sight to behold. And if a shrimp boat happens to be in the area, they are in heaven. 

More from Tybee soon! The ocean is calling my name!

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