This boy!

Lime green!  That’s the paint color I wanted for my new office and my man didn’t flinch when I brought it home and he applied it to the walls.  It’s a sunny, beautiful color that he often refers to as the Grinch’s color…lol…that’s ok, he loves the Grinch…and I love him.  It becomes clearer everyday that he would do whatever it took to make me smile…and if it’s paint, so be it.  As I type this, he practices his guitar, watches a ballgame (that I’m assuming I’ll lose the bet on), tending a fire he built  because he knows I love it and basically believing in anything I set my mind to doing.  That boy!

Boys!  I have my own two grown boys, and two growing-up-way-too-fast grandsons and it never ceases to amaze me that these magnificent little humans who are one chromosome different from us girls have the ability to comfort (and frustrate) the female soul so completely.  They never really grow up from the little boys that just want to please the first woman in their life -their momma.  The places in their hearts grow larger for the other women who will come into their lives…and if you’re really lucky (and I am) he will make room for you in that fragile little place too.

The world is hard on boys…I see it everyday in my profession (teaching)…boys who show their hearts are often the hardest hit with the realities of this world.  Toughness is awarded, sweetness is chided as a weakness, and the women of the world try to walk the tight rope between “making them men” and encouraging the spirit they KNOW lives in them.  As a mother, we saw that the moment they latched onto us for dear life and trusted us to guide them in this big, bad world.  It’s a precarious walk and most women I know struggle with the harshness with which their sweet boys will try to find their place in this world and not lose their spirit.  What you pray is that by making them tough for the world, you don’t vanish the sweetness.  Takes a tough man to remain sweet!

In these moments before we celebrate the birth of THE boy, try to remember all of us must walk this path and strive to make it easier on your fellow “man” and woman.  Be the woman that cradles them in your arms and your heart and celebrates the sweetness along with the toughness.  If you’re lucky enough to release a baby boy into this world, release him with kindness, and the spirit to withstand the harsh world, and nurture that sweetness so strongly that he feels confident enough to share it with the world.  Be the soft place to land.

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