2nd Deck Spritzer

A nice refreshing spray of salt water to the face is exhilarating and a tad bothersome when you’re on the back of a 2nd floor observation deck. The swells were 5 feet. Dramamine should have been dispensed out of a candy machine. I did take Dramamine and made it, but barely. And having to pee was an ordeal in itself. Remember those Susanne Summers exercise videos where you could learn to strengthen your inner thigh? That would have been helpful then. If you can imagine yourself straddle a ting toilet and holding on for dear life…that was about it. At one point during the rough seas, I seriously reconsidered my stance on adult diapers. It takes 2 1/2 of choppy seas to get to this beautifully remote tropical outpost.

A balmy 83 degrees was perfect for snorkeling but alas the water was cloudy. Still I found some cool things in the surf. The round thing had a critter in it. The nice shell did not…it came home with me….shhh!

The Dry Tortugas was an oasis in the beautiful turquoise waters. We spent the whole day there just exploring, lunching, sunning, and making new friends.

Key West was an odd little bird but nice people, some quirky, and an island that is trying to recover from the latest hurricanes. Very laid back and beachy…which is interesting because they don’t really have a “beach” there at all.

Extended weekend trip done. A few hiccups but nice learning lessons. Beautiful morning for a return trip home. However, that first layover in Charlotte was a bit chilly in shorts. Lol

There’s a chicken!

Yep, I’m driving down a beautiful, colorful, tree-lined street in old Key West and a chicken runs across the street. As if the bikes are not hard enough to dodge, now it’s chickens! They are everywhere!

I’m on my first “vision board” adventure. I flew into Miami yesterday…the first time I’ve flown in about 30 years. Thankfully, I met the sweetest young lady (a student at a Chattanooga girl’s private school) who answered all my old lady questions. I was very impressed with 16 year old Carmen.

The Miami airport is not for sissies. I had to remind myself several times that I was on an adventure…and one shouldn’t cry on an adventure. Lol. It was massive. I know I walked 5 miles before I got my rental car.

Some things I’ve learned:

  • Key West doesn’t really have a beach.
  • There are about 20 “keys” between Miami and Key West.
  • The Keys are really still recovering from Hurricane Irma. Looks a bit like what I imagine a third world company looks like.
  • Always insist on a rental car agency INSIDE the airport.
  • Sitting in the middle seat during a flight sucks…especially is you’re not a twig.
  • Yes, you can totally travel with only a carryon. Rolling clothes really does make for more space.
  • If it’s ever an option, always choose Hilton. The customer service is divine. I’m a sucker for good customer service.
  • If you can finagle the “government rate” you might save a lot of money.
  • What you save in hotel charges, you will spend in parking fees in Miami. No free parking anywhere.

I’m off to the Dry Tortugas tomorrow. So excited. It sounds amazing. I’ll keep you updated.