What is it about a sunset?

I mean, I get the awe we experience from a sunrise…it’s the promise of a new day. But if sunrises are the beginning…is the sunset an end?  Sunrise is fresh and new…so is a sunset spent and old? If one brings us light, the other brings us darkness. As an English teacher, darkness always harkens in danger and turmoil. 

I watched many sunsets in the last month and each had its own character and beauty. Some the camera just couldn’t do justice. 

However, every evening, many would gather on the beach and on the dock to watch this day-ending beauty. It took me about a week before I realized that the real majesty happens after the sun disappears over the horizon.  Now that’s spectacular. The horizon has a beautiful glow that few painters can capture. 

So are you a SUNRISE or SUNSET person?  I think I’m a sunset person. I’ve been contemplating what that says about me. I think it’s like everything, to have one, you must have the other. When will we be as awed by the ends as we are about the beginnings?  
The sunsets were spectacular and one of the things I will miss. It was permission to settle in and permit your body downtime. Kristi and the grandsons are finishing out my rental…hope they remember to send sunset photos from Mimi’s Island. 

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