Made it back to the house. It’s mostly packed up but it’s still so good to be home. This time next week I will hopefully be closed on my house and in my new “home.”

Every time I have to drive through Atlanta, I wonder how I can get to Tybee without that drive through hell. Several observations:

  • You have to be a special kind of person to manage that commute everyday. 
  • I’m always thankful there is a “traffic jam” so we can drive at a speed that would not cause death if I get hit. 
  • I will often pray and cuss in the same span of time. 
  • First responders must live in a special kind of hell…one where you can’t reach the very people that need you. Bless them!
  • Those young boys on crotch rockets that weave in and out of traffic need a good ole’ southern ass-whooping. 
  • We are all truly at the whim of every other single person on the road with us. It’s a shared trust that we will all do the right thing and not endanger everyone on the road. 
  • Several soul-tugging wrecks made me think how all of us leave our homes every day not realizing we may be the ones who don’t come home. No one thinks it will be them…well maybe the crotch rocket riders do…who knows what the heck they’re thinking. 

One of the things I’d missed on the island was some good veggies. I stopped and had a veggie plate and a salad. So good. 

An interesting thing for me…and kind of full circle in an odd way…when I left I turned off my cable so I am now trying to use an antennae to get a few channels. If you’ve been with me through the whole vacation, that was my first week “ordeal” at the beach. I’d like to think I can figure this out and survive without cable…well at least for a week anyway!  Lol

3 thoughts on “Home…temporarily

  1. Kay, Welcome home! I’m glad you got to do something yo had dreamed of doing this summer.

    I loved your observations of the drive through Atlanta! Pitifully true…but amusingly stated!
    I remember driving through once and telling someone that apparently there was a lane for those going 90-100 miles per hour, one for those doing 80 and above and I was just trying to stay in the lane that was under 80! I don’t know the propose that the speed signs serve. You certainly have to drive with care and prayer!

    Love to you! Jo Fleming

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