The Dream: 3 Weeks

Wow!  Time is flying. Today started very humid and muggy and ended with a tornado siren. That is NOT what you want to happen while you’re having dinner. 

A powerful storm blew in and cooled the island down nicely. 

And this is what I learned today…it is REALLY hard to get a picture of lightening with a cell phone camera. 
I walked the beach after the storm and noticed a ship coming in and one going out. Notice anything?

I don’t remember my high school economics class (did I even have one?) but it appears that we are exporting more than we are importing. That’s good, right?
And this cute little egret reminded me of an old man with his black socks all pulled up. Cute!

Another friend (Amy) and her daughters show up tonight so I’m relaxing before exhaustion sets in again. 

One thought on “The Dream: 3 Weeks

  1. Whew! You sound so exhausted, you are making me tired! My brother goes to the canary islands every year and he says he always needs a vacation after his vacation. Speaking of hot…I saw a nature show that showed a lizard walking on the dunes in the desert…he kept stopping and raising one leg at a time before he would continue on. I’m sure the sand was too hot for even the lizard. Lol. Next time I bake something I’ll think of you lying in the sun Kay.

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