The Dream: Day 19

The Georgia sun is hot, hot, hot!  As I am trying to parcel my sun days wisely, I ventured into Wilmington Island (which is weird because it evidently isn’t actually an “island” at all) and roamed and explored. 

As I am from a town that has a large Hispanic population, Mexican food is at a premium. Therefore, it isn’t easy to find good Mexican food just anywhere. As I was exploring, I found a Mexican restaurant and decided to do something other than seafood for a change. It was good!

It’s no Los Reyes (best salsa ever) but a nice change of pace. 

Bingo on the island was in store for the evening. As is always my way, I happen to sit at a table with a teacher (retired). She (Elaine) was delightful and very helpful. I didn’t win money but I did win a new connection. 

Two weeks left and then home to hopefully an uneventful move and onto a new chapter of my life. Minimalism is my new goal. I’ve done very well downsizing in the last few years. I want to travel more and have less things to hold me back. Night all from Tybee Island. 

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