The Dream: Day 17

It has been a whirlwind few days. Lisa and the girls (3 teenagers) arrived on Monday and we’ve been busy every moment since. 

Lots of walking the beach, shell hunting, and showing off “my island” to new people. Love that. It’s been cloudy and rainy…not so great for the girls but great for me as I’ve gotten a lot of sun already. 

We ate at Paula Deen’s Creekhouse. Wonderful food and atmosphere. Great little homey yard out back where you can hang out on the swing and watch the kids play. Pretty. 

And then the girls went to the pier and beach for a few hours while Lisa and I spent some time catching up. 

Then off to The Crab Shack for the next evening which is an essential if you’re visiting the area. The atmosphere is phenomenal. 

Off to Savannah today. Whew!  I’m exhausted. These people will have to go home for me to recuperate. 

The most beautiful Catholic church and magnificent fountain at Forsythe Park. 

And my new motto:

Now trying to think about the next stage of my summer…the moving part. I feel like it’s moving along nicely. 

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