The Dream: Day 12

Here’s what I realized today…these 2 parents are working way too hard!

It’s exhausting. I don’t know how they do it. And they have another foster baby at home. Very proud of the parents they’ve become. 
I actually stayed in today. Too much sun last couple of days for me. Gotta pace myself. But I did keep an eye out the balcony door and these 2 things interested me. 

Dolphins really close to the shore all day today. 

Those 2 ships are passing in a very narrow shipping lane. And they’re huge. Impressive. 
We had dinner and came back to walk to beach and check out the oyster bed up the beach. Very cool. Lots of critters. The kids have one more day and then I’ll be alone again. It will nice and peaceful for about half a day, then I’ll be bored again. Lol. But it’s a beautiful way to spend a bored day. 

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