The Dream: Day 11

Ok…it’s now officially so many days I have to go back and check before I post. Six weeks is a very long time for a vacation in one spot. Don’t get me wrong, I am blessed and thankful for every moment…if for nothing else than to make me realize where “home” is. Home is my family, friends, job, and familiar and predictable “things” to do (auction, ride to the mountains, sleep in my own bed). Ok…another admission…as I listed those things I realize I have a boring life. But it’s MY life and it is what I’ve made it. 

On the other hand, having my son and wife and grandkids here has made it much more enjoyable. Exhausting, yes. But fulfilling exhaustion. 

This is what 2 days without cable tv does to the kids…

The cable guy came today. It’s like cellphones…not sure I can live without either. 
Granddaughter being the fashion maven that she is. She’s finally warmed up to the yuckiness of sand. 
And Ricky enjoying some “me” time doing what he loves…fishing. 
It was a spectacularly sunny and hot Georgia day. I was looking forward for an amazing sunset and then the clouds rolled in but I still love this shot. 

I’m trying to put moving in 30 days on the back burner…at least until Lisa arrives next week. She’s a make-a-list girl…she won’t let me linger in that dream world for long. 

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