The Dream: Day 8

Ok…in an effort to keep it real, I’m gonna admit that I’m bored. I know! Sad, but true. But in defense of Tybee, I’d be bored anywhere after too much down time. Today was gloomy…in weather and in mood. 

For those that have known me forever, you know how I am. And for those of you who don’t, it’s the teacher conundrum for me. I came to teaching late and am unsure how to handle down time. So, several things happened today…

  • I visited a local high school to see if I “felt it” there…I didn’t…they had metal detectors at the entrance.
  • I called about a local rental…very rare on the island…no one stays for long term evidently. It was already rented. 
  • Which turned out to be a good thing because a place I’ve wanted to live in Dalton…old factory made into lofts..and next to impossible to get into…approved my app and called me for a place in August. 
  • It’s a townhome, which I didn’t think I’d want, until having marathon-training kids in the condo above me for a few days. Again, no one stays long, so it’s temporary. 
  • Now if my house would sell while I’m away, I’ll consider it a sign that I’m moving in the right direction. I’m ready to get out of the commitment of home ownership. No lawn maintenance. More travel.
  • I don’t think I’m built for downtime. The thought of one day retiring stresses me out a little. I’m envious of those people that have true hobbies to consume them. 

As I walked the beach tonight, the funk lifted with the sunset. 

And tomorrow my son and family come to visit for a few days. That will make me less bored I’m sure. 

And even though it was gloomy all day today, I came “home” to a beautiful sunset on my wall. Beautiful colors. 

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