The Dream: Day 7

A whole week. Already!  Today is my  youngest son’s birthday. 19 years. Time sure does fly. This next week my oldest son and his family will join me here on Tybee for a little family time. My youngest grandson calls Tybee Island “Mimi’s Beach” which I think is very fitting. I’m calling for an official name change. 

Today was cloudy which was good because I’ve had plenty of sun for a few days. I tried out the new North Beach Grill. Very good. Entertaining. Sitting outside at the bar on the ocean is a cool experience. 

Fish tacos and sweet potato fries drizzled in balsamic vinaigrette. Very tasty. 

A little beach walking. Not as far as I’d have liked but it was typical Georgia humid today. Got some reading done. 

I thought it very fitting that I finished off the night with Lighthouse Pizza. Back when my teen was not too cool to be seen with me, we would come to Tybee and do late night runs to that pizza place. They’ve opened a newer one closer to my condo but the old one seemed nostalgic today especially since it’s his birthday today. 

And then home to a sunset that I wasn’t expecting since we didn’t really have much sun today. 

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