The Dream: Day 6

Rewind and repeat. Another beautiful day here on Tybee Island. Finally settled in enough to sleep in a bit today. Still trying not to get too much sun. Using lots of sunscreen. It was actually one of my substantial research projects over the last few months. After speaking with a friend that also tans well and spends lots of time in the sun (shoutout Rebecca), I settled on Sun Bum spf 50 and 70. So far, so good. 

Ran across this little worker as I was shell hunting. 

Very warm day but the humidity still isn’t of the intensity that Georgia is famous for and that I hate.

I’ll need this picture in a couple of months when I head back to the classroom and crawl home each evening from exhaustion. 

And then of course, another beautiful sunset clicks off another day of my summer dream. It really is so spectacular that words and pictures can’t do it justice. 

Last night everyone gathered on the north shore for the Strawberry Moon. As the moon broke the horizon, it was a magnificent shade of pink. Which led me to wonder (for several times this week) why pictures of the moon don’t appear in pics as they do in person?  I guess I can’t have the sun AND the moon…not yet anyway. I’ll work on that!  Night all from paradise. 

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