The Dream: Day 5

Another day in paradise. The weekend has arrived and so have the people. Considerably more crowded today. I find it interesting that there are clearly two different Tybees. The south beach…really crowded, bars, shopping, the pier. And north beach…residential, quiet, and the most amazing sunsets. 

A great morning for shells. 

These were all empty. If you find one with a critter, throw him back…his critter family is waiting on him to come home from work!
Found this little “critter” and still don’t know what it is. 
And the most amazing shells still hinged together. They look like angel wings and I swear there’s a picture of the ocean and horizon in there. 
I wonder why people feel the need to bring a radio to the beach?  I mean, seriously, short of the sound of your new born baby’s first cry, the waves crashing to the shore is the ultimate music. 
And a beautiful sunset caps off another perfect day. 

When one of my people wins the lottery, remember I need a condo here!

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