The Dream: Day 4

And this is why I choose Tybee….

In a beautiful twist, I took some fabulous sunset shots and went off to the ONLY grocery store and returned in time for the spectacular sky above. 

What started as a really cool and rainy day turned into an absolute stunner. Low humidity, low wind, beautiful sun and enough warmth to make you strip down and head for the pool…and then the ocean…and then back again. Decisions are so hard!  

However my body said, “you know all that walking you’ve taken to…you’re knees are not as fond, so tone it down.”  When my feet hit the floor this morning I knew something  was wrong because my right knee was hurting terribly. Felt like it needed to pop. I iced and stretched. Wobbled down to the beach and walked anyway. Defiance has always been my thing. But ocean therapy always makes it better. Still sore but less hobbling. 

Decided to try out Paula Deen’s new restaurant one island over – Creekside. I went about 1pm so not too busy. I ordered an app because full meals are always just too much food. It was very good. Service was good. They have some really good tartar sauce. Clearly freshly made. 

Found me a pedicure girl and went with island colors per her advice. So hot pink it is. But I did put on some makeup and kind of did my hair before my foray off the island. Can’t scare the mainlanders. 

We have a great full moon tonight. Which begs the next question…why is it hard to take good moon shots?

So this interested me this morning while hobbling down the beach. The suds were rainbow colored. The lore is that suds mean Poseidon is doing laundry…so does this mean he used the wrong bleach on colored clothes?  Seriously though, what would cause colored suds?

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