The Dream: Day 3

Cloudy, windy, and rainy make for an alternate day plan. I’m determined to experience one new thing per day while on Tybee.  Still don’t have my TV working in my condo (Comcast is REALLY slow) so off exploring I go…in the rain. Oh well, as my daddy used to say, “you ain’t sugar, you won’t melt!”  

One of the must-do eating destinations is The Breakfast Club. I banked on the rain holding off the long line outside. It worked. Locally caught fish and shrimp coupled with home fries the way momma made ‘me makes it a trip worth taking. And if you ever get a chance to sit at the counter, do so…lively show and often colorful bantering. 

Then back for a nice walk on the beach. Which reminds me…I’ve developed a no makeup and no fixing my hair policy while here. It’s amazing how much time that saves. Not sure how the people feel about my new policy but I don’t know them so I don’t care!

With continued rain, I decided to check out Tybee Post Theater. They cater to kids during the day and adults in the evening for entertainment generally. Today I watched Fantastic Beasts at the really old, cool theater. 

Nice day. A bit chilly with the rain but the ocean is beautiful all riled up. 

Here’s my question for my readers, could you (or do you) live without TV?  And, if so, how?  I’m quickly realizing it’s an addiction maybe I should overcome. Interesting concept. 

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