Mother’s Day Ideas

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, Sunday, May 14th.  Don’t forget to celebrate the woman that brought you into this world and would sometimes like to take you out!  Only God will love you more than your momma, so don’t forget her.  Here are some great affiliate links that are offering some deals.

A good book:

Decidedly my favorite affiliate link is Love them.  Give mom a great excuse to relax and unwind.

 If mom prefers to read from her device, try Download an eBook today“> 

For the house:

Who doesn’t love some Corelle has long been a favorite of busy moms.  They have a great special going on for Mother’s Day.  Check them out.

And Lenox is always a HUGE hit.

Extra 25% Off Sitewide

For the coffee lover:

This coffee will make you  lots of energy…which could, in turn, help you lose some weight.  That’s their claim to fame.  You might have seen them recently on Entertainment Tonight.   

Shop Bulletproof Coffee

For great clothes for all shapes:

I recently bought an adorable A-line black dress that is perfect for summer.

Forever21  is a perfect mix for all ages.  Their clothes are youthful and age-appropriate.  You don’t want your mother looking like an old woman, do ya?

Beautifully framed photos:

One of my favorites is for beautifully framed photos straight from your phone.  Use “Kay15” and get a 15% discount on your first order.  Start that family wall for your mom.

Beauty products: has great prices on great products…and they always send you a free sample…love me some free samples.

A card says a whole lot…mom just wants to know you’re thinking about her and the sacrifices she’s made for you.  When you have your own children you will finally know how much you were loved.

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