There’s an APP for that!

Technology…a curse and a blessing.  Technology for the sake of technology is not a good enough reason to use it for me….it must make my life easier and better.  I have found a few apps that I consider worth the effort of remembering my ITunes username and password.

Venmo – touted as a “free digital wallet that lets you make and share payments with friends.  You can easily spit the bill , cab fare, or much more.”  How I use this:  a friend needs to borrow $3 cash for the vending machine.  I have cash so I give it to her and she transfers money from her checking account to my checking account.  This is good when we are all ordering out food especially.  You will set yourself up with whichever account you want to withdraw and deposit money in/out of.  You can then invite/send a bill/send money to anyone who also has Venmo.  Very convenient if you have kids away at college.

GoodRX – this is my #1 go-to app for prescriptions.  “Drug prices vary wildly between pharmacies.”  In today’s ever-changing climate of healthcare, prescription drugs are out of control.  How I use this:  I always have my doctor write or print my prescriptions – not call them in to my pharmacy.  That way I can check the app and see where the best prices are.  Often times, GoodRX has a better price than running it through my insurance!  And the prices vary by which pharmacy you use.  For example, the drug Hydrochlorothiazide – a popular blood pressure medication – generic (ALWAYS the better  price) is $7.11 at Kroger; $10 at Walmart; and $21.00 at CVS.  It would be $10 through my insurance.  I’ve saved $3 using GoodRX.  You can use it on your phone or you can sign up and they will send you a card.

Keepsake – a beautiful way to take those photos you have in your phone and frame them.  Yes, you could do it yourself, but for about $25 (actually if you use this coupon code “Kay15” at checkout, you will get a 15% discount) you get a beautifully framed and matted copy of your picture.  All the hardware is already attached and ready to hang right out of the box – they even send you a nail!  On the app you can resize your picture, filter it, change the color and shape of the frame…the variety is endless.  How I use this:  My grandmother always had a “family wall” so I’m starting one.  I’ve gotten my first 4 pictures back and everyone has commented on how professional they look.


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