Who’s lickable?

With teachers you gotta take the laughs when you can get them, hence the interesting exchange during class change yesterday.  In that 5 minutes of “did you get mauled by a bear?” to a student wearing the now-trendy ripped jeans and “stop hugging on that boy,” a snippet of conversation was mistakenly heard as “he’s lickable.”

ERRRR!  What?  Did someone just say someone was lickable? To which one of my colleagues (and let’s be honest here, it’s hard to use “colleague” for this conversation) says, “I’ll tell you who’s lickable…Jax.”  This brought a chorus of agreement from the others.  Now I’ve not seen Sons of Anarchy and couldn’t relate, so of course I googled him.  In a later discussion last night I explained to another friend that I didn’t get the hoopla.  She said, “oh yeah, you won’t until you see him in the show.”  So, I guess that will be my next Netflix binge.  Can’t pass up a hot (and evidently lickable) guy!

But that left me thinking…who do I think is hot enough to be labeled “lickable?”  That’s a tall order.

Who is lickable to you?



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