Why am I here?

Well here goes…my first blog.  I started this endeavor because I was searching for a new direction in my third life (life before kids, life with kids, and now – my own life back).  I’ve gotten my life back and realized very quickly I’m not sure what to do with the new….I pause here because this is the dilemma of my life and the reason for this post…the “NEW” what?  Horizon?  Black hole? Adventure?  Freedom?

I thought this post-50 stage would be much more feeble than it is – you know that crazy 20 year old thinking you have about what old age looks like….this isn’t it…and honestly I thought I might be dead before I had to make such decisions as replacing the air conditioning unit and actually paying OFF my student debt.  But here I am, breezing along, living, functioning, sometimes barely motivated enough to get out of bed, but for the most part being forced to realize there is much more to do and finding the kahunas to do it.

A bit about me.  Divorced (we’ll just say a few times!) mom of 2 wonderful (mostly) boys, a couple of grandchildren, and no one at home to tie me down.  I teach high school (late comer to public education) and imagine that I will retire from teaching at a very old age (mostly because I have to wait that long to get any money from retirement) and I’m mostly ok with that prospect.  It does afford me the opportunities to do some of the other things I’d like to do…again…thus this blog!

I think (and hope) what makes me unique is that I wasn’t always an educator…I’ve had MANY jobs and learned MANY lessons.  This has given me a bigger view of the realities of life…some not as pristine as my colleagues who left college, went straight to teaching, got married, had 2.2 children, joined a church, joined a book club, and settled into “forever.”  I’m evidently not the “forever” type…I need change…I need adventure…I embrace “New” without wanting to sacrifice “Old”(think traditional here).  And with that living has come some lessons…that and the fact that I’m infinitely curious about everything….not sure I ever grew out of the “why” stage as a toddler.  I choose to consider this a good quality that has kept me young, for the most part current, and somewhat relevant.  Embrace the NEW with me!

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