The Dream: Day 18

The clouds lifted today and the sun returned. Lisa and the girls went home and I’m already planning for my next visitors. Couple of friends from work and some family will close out the stay on Tybee. It’s been relaxing and exhausting, busy and boredom, sunny and rainy…and always hot!  Georgia summers. Whew!

Last night when we went to dinner (Lighthouse Pizza), the waitress recognized me!  That’s either good or bad, depending on your perspective. I’m going with good!  I felt “part” of the island at that moment. And it is one of my favorite places. 

The rental agency delivered a brand new vacuum to me today so I could tidy up and I found a Kroger on Wilmington Island. There’s only one small IGA on the island so it was a nice familiar find. 

Another beautiful end to a nice day. My life is so blessed. I try to remind myself of that daily and be thankful for this opportunity. It’s been nice to relax and spend time with family and friends. Great memories. 

No “sun” in this sunset, but equally beautiful. 

The Dream: Day 17

It has been a whirlwind few days. Lisa and the girls (3 teenagers) arrived on Monday and we’ve been busy every moment since. 

Lots of walking the beach, shell hunting, and showing off “my island” to new people. Love that. It’s been cloudy and rainy…not so great for the girls but great for me as I’ve gotten a lot of sun already. 

We ate at Paula Deen’s Creekhouse. Wonderful food and atmosphere. Great little homey yard out back where you can hang out on the swing and watch the kids play. Pretty. 

And then the girls went to the pier and beach for a few hours while Lisa and I spent some time catching up. 

Then off to The Crab Shack for the next evening which is an essential if you’re visiting the area. The atmosphere is phenomenal. 

Off to Savannah today. Whew!  I’m exhausted. These people will have to go home for me to recuperate. 

The most beautiful Catholic church and magnificent fountain at Forsythe Park. 

And my new motto:

Now trying to think about the next stage of my summer…the moving part. I feel like it’s moving along nicely. 

2 weeks!  I miss home!

It’s weird that leaving home made me realize where home is. Funny how that works. Don’t get me wrong, Tybee is amazing. Love this place. But I miss my people. I’ve wondered if I will miss my house. Technically, when I left it for this adventure I knew it very probably wouldn’t be “mine” when I came back. Most of my stuff has been packed up and I’m looking forward to living IN Dalton and a whole lot less maintenance. 

On this Father’s Day, I reflect on my own father. Technically he’s a man that didn’t have to take on a woman with 2 children already. But he did and gave us more than his name…he gave us his time; his outlook on the world beyond the small town we’d grown up in; his love for all things intellectual; a faith that all things were doable if you tried hard enough; and a love for my mother even when she didn’t love herself. 

As everyone else gets older, he doesn’t seem to age. He is the line that anchors my balloon. I know that no matter how high I fly, he will always be there to at least soften the landing when I crash…and I have done some major crashing over the years. He is s moral compass that I can’t fathom living up to. Recently, my aunt (his sister) reminded me that “after all, he’s just a man!”  Yes, but what a mighty man he is!

On this day, I hope you’ve honored those men in your life that anchor you and teach you to soar.  It’s the ultimate parenting balance act. 

Tomorrow my friend Lisa joins me on Tybee. She and I were instant friends some 3 or 4 years ago and I am blessed to have her in my life. It has been said that if you can have 1 or 2 people in your life that you can always count on, you’re lucky. I am a very lucky woman indeed. 

As I take my evening walk tonight, I wonder who affords this? But then I realize we have the same view and isn’t that what is most important?

The Dream: Day 13

Sometimes it feels like I’ve been here a lot longer than 13 days and sometimes it’s all new again. All my company went home today. But in a couple of days I’ll get more company. 

It was steamy hot today. I got some housework and laundry done. Went to “town” for dinner but typical for a weekend night, too busy to even find parking. Found something a little closer to the condo. 

Beautiful end to another beautiful day. 

It never escapes me how truly blessed my life is each day. 

The Dream: Day 12

Here’s what I realized today…these 2 parents are working way too hard!

It’s exhausting. I don’t know how they do it. And they have another foster baby at home. Very proud of the parents they’ve become. 
I actually stayed in today. Too much sun last couple of days for me. Gotta pace myself. But I did keep an eye out the balcony door and these 2 things interested me. 

Dolphins really close to the shore all day today. 

Those 2 ships are passing in a very narrow shipping lane. And they’re huge. Impressive. 
We had dinner and came back to walk to beach and check out the oyster bed up the beach. Very cool. Lots of critters. The kids have one more day and then I’ll be alone again. It will nice and peaceful for about half a day, then I’ll be bored again. Lol. But it’s a beautiful way to spend a bored day. 

The Dream: Day 11

Ok…it’s now officially so many days I have to go back and check before I post. Six weeks is a very long time for a vacation in one spot. Don’t get me wrong, I am blessed and thankful for every moment…if for nothing else than to make me realize where “home” is. Home is my family, friends, job, and familiar and predictable “things” to do (auction, ride to the mountains, sleep in my own bed). Ok…another admission…as I listed those things I realize I have a boring life. But it’s MY life and it is what I’ve made it. 

On the other hand, having my son and wife and grandkids here has made it much more enjoyable. Exhausting, yes. But fulfilling exhaustion. 

This is what 2 days without cable tv does to the kids…

The cable guy came today. It’s like cellphones…not sure I can live without either. 
Granddaughter being the fashion maven that she is. She’s finally warmed up to the yuckiness of sand. 
And Ricky enjoying some “me” time doing what he loves…fishing. 
It was a spectacularly sunny and hot Georgia day. I was looking forward for an amazing sunset and then the clouds rolled in but I still love this shot. 

I’m trying to put moving in 30 days on the back burner…at least until Lisa arrives next week. She’s a make-a-list girl…she won’t let me linger in that dream world for long. 

The Dream: Day 10

Busy, busy day. My oldest son and family came in late last night and we have been non-stop since then. Interesting maneuvering for 6 people in a small one bedroom condo but it’s working quite well. 

The boys wore me out at the pool and the beach. I don’t ever remember having that endless energy. I’m sure they will crash hard tonight…as will I!  

Someone down the beach from us today was fishing and caught a huge stingray. It took him and Ricky to pull the hook out. 

Cable man comes today so that’s good news…assuming of course that he does make it. 

Making great memories with the kids. 

The Dream: Day 9

Things seem to be moving forward today. 

  • My house sold!  Pending any problems of course. 
  • Comcast is coming Thursday to fix the cable. 
  • My son and his family are on their way to visit for a few days. 
  • It was a low-humidity day. 

Beach strolling yielded a few interesting finds. 

Look at the beautiful colors on this blue crab. 
Spectacular blue color on this shell. 
I finally walked far enough to get a peak of the lighthouse from the beach. 
And then, of course, another nauseating sunset. They just keep coming. God is good with a paintbrush, don’t you think?

The Dream: Day 8

Ok…in an effort to keep it real, I’m gonna admit that I’m bored. I know! Sad, but true. But in defense of Tybee, I’d be bored anywhere after too much down time. Today was gloomy…in weather and in mood. 

For those that have known me forever, you know how I am. And for those of you who don’t, it’s the teacher conundrum for me. I came to teaching late and am unsure how to handle down time. So, several things happened today…

  • I visited a local high school to see if I “felt it” there…I didn’t…they had metal detectors at the entrance.
  • I called about a local rental…very rare on the island…no one stays for long term evidently. It was already rented. 
  • Which turned out to be a good thing because a place I’ve wanted to live in Dalton…old factory made into lofts..and next to impossible to get into…approved my app and called me for a place in August. 
  • It’s a townhome, which I didn’t think I’d want, until having marathon-training kids in the condo above me for a few days. Again, no one stays long, so it’s temporary. 
  • Now if my house would sell while I’m away, I’ll consider it a sign that I’m moving in the right direction. I’m ready to get out of the commitment of home ownership. No lawn maintenance. More travel.
  • I don’t think I’m built for downtime. The thought of one day retiring stresses me out a little. I’m envious of those people that have true hobbies to consume them. 

As I walked the beach tonight, the funk lifted with the sunset. 

And tomorrow my son and family come to visit for a few days. That will make me less bored I’m sure. 

And even though it was gloomy all day today, I came “home” to a beautiful sunset on my wall. Beautiful colors. 

The Dream: Day 7

A whole week. Already!  Today is my  youngest son’s birthday. 19 years. Time sure does fly. This next week my oldest son and his family will join me here on Tybee for a little family time. My youngest grandson calls Tybee Island “Mimi’s Beach” which I think is very fitting. I’m calling for an official name change. 

Today was cloudy which was good because I’ve had plenty of sun for a few days. I tried out the new North Beach Grill. Very good. Entertaining. Sitting outside at the bar on the ocean is a cool experience. 

Fish tacos and sweet potato fries drizzled in balsamic vinaigrette. Very tasty. 

A little beach walking. Not as far as I’d have liked but it was typical Georgia humid today. Got some reading done. 

I thought it very fitting that I finished off the night with Lighthouse Pizza. Back when my teen was not too cool to be seen with me, we would come to Tybee and do late night runs to that pizza place. They’ve opened a newer one closer to my condo but the old one seemed nostalgic today especially since it’s his birthday today. 

And then home to a sunset that I wasn’t expecting since we didn’t really have much sun today.